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Good Health Healthy Lungs Premium 200ml

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Good Health Lungs Premium contains traditional herbs to help soothe and support respiratory function. Manuka honey and ginger help create a warming action that helps settle the lungs. Healthy lungs Premium provides all-year-round support for the family.

Key Indications:

  • Coughs of any type
  • Every day respiratory support
  • Sore throats concerns
  • Healthy respiratory function
  • Asthma type issues
  • Any respiratory symptoms arising from pollution


Key Benefits:

  • Liquid herbal formulation for faster absorption into the body.
  • Acts quickly to relieve symptoms, but also offers maintenance support.
  • Coats the throat and soothes the mucous membranes of the lungs.
  • 2 Key Herbs — Ginger and Elderberry — well known for their benefits in respiratory conditions.
  • Can be used by all ages, young and old as treatment and preventative.
  • Everyone living with air pollution would benefit, healthy support for the lungs.
  • Contains Manuka Honey — Widely recognised for its health benefits including its antibacterial and soothing action.


Key Ingredients:

A formula to help take care of the lungs on an everyday basis. Our lungs can be affected by many different factors. Air pollution is a big problem these days in some places and is a major concern when it comes to our health. Breathing in poor quality air, whether it’s from traffic fumes, heavy industry, or smoking (or even secondhand smoke) all takes its toll on our lungs and overall health. It’s important to support the health of our lungs by helping to keep our airways clear and enabling healthy breathing. This formula also helps maintain the everyday immunity and function of the lungs.

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