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Healtheries Boost Cold Buster Effervescents

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  • A convenient twin pack of Healtheries best-selling, fast, fizzy, fun immune-supporting Boost® products
  • Vitamin C plays an important role in several immune system mechanisms
  • Zinc and Echinacea provide extra support for immunity
  • Effervescent tablets dissolve quickly in water to create a fizzy, orange- or berry-flavoured drink that your body absorbs immediately
  • Aspartame-free formulation

Why Use Healtheries Boost® Cold Buster Pack?

Winter is the cold season, which means your body’s natural immune defences could probably do with an extra boost of support.  But helping your immune system to stay on top of everything the season throws at it doesn’t have to be boring!

The Healtheries Boost® Cold Buster Pack is a twin pack that contains one tube each of Healtheries best-selling immunity support products: Boost® Immunity – Orange and Healtheries Boost® Immunity – Berry. Both products combine Vitamin C (often known as “the immunity vitamin”) with Zinc and Echinacea for fast, fun, powerful immune support. And the effervescent, aspartame-free tablets dissolve quickly in water to create a fizzy, orange- or berry-flavoured drink that your body immediately absorbs.  

Recommended for:

  • Helping to maintain your immune defences during the colder season 
  • Providing extra support in resisting common winter ills and chills
  • Supporting your body’s natural healing process
  • Giving your immune system a helping hand when you’re stressed

Each effervescent tablet provides:

Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) 1000mg
Echinacea purpurea root ext. equiv. dry 238.0mg
Zinc (as gluconate) 7.5mg
Dietary Fibre 6.3g
Sodium 178mg

Tabletting aids, flavours, sweetners, natural colours.  

Ingredient Information  

Vitamin C

  • Vitamin C is known as “the immunity vitamin” because it supports your body’s resistance to winter ills and chills; and can help with recovery time.       
  • Your white blood cells (part of your immune system) need Vitamin C to function normally and help you maintain health and wellbeing.     
  • Your adrenal glands use up Vitamin C when they respond to stressful situations (e.g. sudden temperature changes, changes of season, life stresses, etc).        
  • Your body uses Vitamin C to make collagen – a protein that helps to form healthy skin, ligaments, tendons, bones and teeth. That’s why your body needs more Vitamin C when you’re healing from surgery and injury.         
  • Vitamin C helps your body to absorb Iron – a mineral you need for healthy red blood cells, which in turn help with fatigue and support immunity.         
  • Finally, Vitamin C is also a powerful antioxidant that helps to guard your cells against free radical damage.
  • Echinacea Native American herbalists traditionally used Echinacea (also called Purple Cone Flower) to assist with immune defences.      
  • Today, we know Echinacea has powerful immunity-supporting properties that can help keep you healthy during the cold season, and help you fight off common winter ills and chills.  


  • The white blood cells in your immune system use Zinc to produce antibodies to fight off the microbes that cause ills and chills.
  • Zinc also plays a role in your body’s natural wound healing processes, and provides antioxidant support to help your body guard again against free radical damage.       
  •  Low Zinc levels may lower your immune defences.

Contains no:

Wheat, gluten, animal products, dairy products, egg, soy, corn, artificial colour, or preservatives

Adults :

Dissolve 1 effervescent tablet in a glass of room temperature water and drink daily; or take as your healthcare professional directs.


  • If you’re taking prescription medication or are about to have surgery, consult your healthcare practitioner before you use this product.
  • This product may not be suitable if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Don’t take this product if you’re susceptible to kidney stones.
  • This product contains Echinacea, so don’t take it if you’re allergic to flowers in the daisy family.
  • This product is not suitable for children under the age of 12 – keep it out of their reach.      
  • Each berry tablet contains 241mg of Sodium, each orange tablet contains 260mg of Sodium – keep this in mind if you’re on a low-sodium diet. 

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