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Healtheries St John’s Wort Plus - 30 Capsules

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  • St John’s Wort is one of the best known herbs for balancing mood and helping you cope with emotional stress, mild anxiety and nervous tension
  • Healtheries St John’s Wort contains 2000mg of standardised equivalent dry St John’s Wort in a convenient, easy-to-swallow capsule

Why use Healtheries St John’s Wort?

If you’re looking for natural, herbal help with balancing your mood, de-stressing and calming nervous tension, you’ve probably already heard of the benefits of St John’s Wort. But it’s not the only thing that can support a positive mood and a relaxed outlook.

Magnesium is a vital mineral that helps to relax your body and mind, while amino acids like Glutamine and Tyrosine support alertness and emotional balance. Healtheries St John’s Wort Plus combines high-strength St John’s Wort with these nutrients, plus Ginkgo – all in an easy-to-swallow, convenient capsule.

Recommended For

  • Helping to lift and balance your mood
  • Keeping your body and mind balanced during seasonal changes
  • Calming and relaxing mild anxiety or nervous tension
  • Supporting your nervous system


Each capsule provides

St John’s Wort herb top fl. ext. equiv.dry 2000mg
Equiv. Hypericin 1.1mg
Equiv. Hyperforin
Ginkgo leaf ext. equiv. dry 100mg
Equiv. Ginkgo flavonglycosides 480mcg
Equiv. Ginkgolides & bilobalide 120mcg
Magnesium (as oxide) 40mg
Glutamine 100mg
Tyrosine 150mg

Encapsulating Aids

Ingredient Information

St John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum)

  • St John’s Wort has been extensively researched, and has repeatedly been shown to help with mild. The research has identified several ways in which the herb may work.
  • St John’s Wort may help to inhibit a brain chemical called monoamine oxidase. This allows higher levels of certain “good” neurotransmitters: other brain chemicals that help to maintain a balanced mood.
  • The effect may also be partly due St John’s Wort’s effect on sunlight sensitivity. Sunlight (or lack of it) has been shown to affect our mood balance. Because St John’s Wort can make people more photosensitive, it may increase the beneficial effects they get from sunlight.
  • Some studies have suggested that one of the active ingredients, hypericin, may affect the way our pineal glands release a neurotransmitter called melatonin. Melatonin helps to regulate our mood and sleepiness/wakefulness levels.

Ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba)

  • Ginkgo leaves are rich in antioxidant nutrients called flavonoids and proanthocyanidins. These nutrients help to maintain circulation through your blood vessels – especially in your hands and feet.
  • Ginkgo also supports circulation in the blood vessels in your brain, which may help to lift your mood.


  • L-Glutamine is the only amino acid that can cross the blood-brain barrier.
  • It is converted into Glutamic acid in your brain, where it’s used as brain fuel. It also helps to form a brain chemical called Gamma Aminobutyric Acid (GABA), which has a calming action on your brain.


  • L-Tyrosine is an amino acid that your brain needs to create dopamine, noradrenalin, and adrenalin – key mood-balancing neurotransmitters (brain chemicals).
  • Tyrosine may to help increase neurotransmitter levels in the brain.

Contains No

Gluten, wheat, dairy products, egg, soy, artificial colours, artificial flavours, artificial sweetners or preservatives

Directions for Use

Adults and teenagers: Take 1 capsule 3 times daily with food, or as directed by your healthcare professional.


  • St John’s Wort can affect the way other medications (including the Oral Contraceptive Pill) work, so if you’re taking any medication, consult your healthcare practitioner before you use this product.
  • Don’t use St John’s Wort if you’re taking Warfarin, Digoxin, anticonvulsants, antidepressants, asthma medication or sedatives.
  • Don’t use this product if you have any kind of liver damage.
  • St John’s Wort can make some people photosensitive (sensitive to sunlight). Don’t use this product if you use a sun-bed or sunbathe, and stop using it at the first sign of a skin rash.
  • This product is not suitable if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • This product is not suitable for children – keep it out of their reach.
  • Always read the label. Use only as directed.

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