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Oasis Beauty Beauty Sleep Luscious Nightly Skin Repair Moisturiser

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Action packed night cream for sensitive skin.

Experience an overnight sensation with Beauty Sleep. Action packed
with natural anti-ageing and repair ingredients plus resveratrol and
hyaluronic acid to improve fine lines and smooth skin. Be prepared to
wake every morning with super soft skin!

Why use a night cream?

  • While you sleep, your skin renews itself. The body is in major repair mode. Now’s the time to load your skin up on all the goodies so it can make full use of them.
  • Night creams are rich moisturisers designed to penetrate over the course of several hours to strengthen and replenish your skin.
  • They contain the highest concentrations of anti-ageing ingredients like retinol (vitamin A), resveratrol and hyaluronic acid, which are able to do their work without interference from sunscreens or makeup.

How to get it on:

Apply after cleansing and toning, if you want an extra skin boost, layer a serum underneath first. Squeeze a little bit of product on the back of your hand. Use your other hand to dot over your face and neck. Join the dots and gently massage into your skin.

Hint for skin care junkies

For maximum results, use in conjunction with Oasis serums as they all contain potent vitamin C and retinol (vitamin A). Serum should be layered underneath your moisturiser. Choose from Straight Up if you get shiny during the day or Hot Toddy if you tend towards dryness.

Beauty Sleep is recommended for:

Combination skin, male skin care, sensitive skin, dry climate skin, winter skin care, autumn skin care, anti-ageing skin care, mature skin.

How does it work?

  • Aloe vera, lavender and chamomile all work to soothe your sensitive skin.
  • Rosehip, apricot kernel, shea butter and evening primrose are awesome moisturisers which is just what your skin needs at night.
  • Vitamin A forces your skin cells to turn over faster, bringing new fresh cells to the surface = smooth, healthy skin!
  • Vitamin C fights off those nasty free radicals to stop your skin looking older than it really is.
  • Vitamin E and honey heal and repair damage.
  • Lecithin and hyaluronic acid (HA) are humectants that absorb moisture and swell, filling fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Evidence shows that red grape (resveratrol) improves fine lines and wrinkles, reduces dryness, and smoothes skin texture. Yippee! That’s why we put lots of that in!
  • The anti-inflammatory properties of rosemary reduces skin puffiness.
  • Apple is an old fashioned remedy to lighten and brighten the skin.
  • Frankincense reduces skin irritations and has a soothing effect. Evidence has shown it to reduce redness, scaling and improve dry patches. [University of Maryland Medical Centre].


What is HA?

Hyaluronic acid, or sodium hyaluronate as it’s also known, has become a serious skincare staple. It’s the body’s own hydrating molecule, able to absorb up to 1000 times its own weight in water and responsible for keeping our skin plump, smooth and supple. Sadly, our natural levels deplete as we age, so fight off fine lines and a loss of skin tone by incorporating it into your skin care products. The HA that Oasis use is not from an animal source it is fermented from glucose, inorganic salts and trace elements.

What is resveratrol?

Resveratrol is a potent and very efficient antioxidant, which means it scavenges free radicals and prevents their formation. In fact, it’s even greater antioxidant than Vitamins C and E and 17 times greater than idebenone! It’s benefits include shielding the skin from environmental damage, improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reducing dryness, and smoothing skin texture.


pure NZ water (aqua), aloe vera, sorbitan monostearate (plant-based emulsifier), polyoxyethylene sorbitan monostearate (plant-based emulsifier), certified organic rosa rubiginosa (rosehip) oil, prunus armeniaca (apricot kernel) oil, oenothera biennis (evening primrose) oil, dl-alpha tocopherol (natural vitamin E), vegetable glycerin, organic honey (NZ honey), soya lecithin (humectant), cetostearyl alcohol (plant-based emulsifier), glyceryl monostearate (plant-based emulsifier), butryspermum parkii (shea) butter, sodium hyaluronate (humectant), dehydroacetic acid (and) benzyl alcohol (BioGro approved preservative), ascorbyl palmitate (vitamin C), retinyl palmitate (vitamin C), retinyl palmitate (vitamin A), rosemary officinalis (rosemary antioxidant), vitis vinifera (red grape) extract, malus (apple) extract, xanthan gum (food grade thickener), lavandula augistifolia (lavender) essential oil, boswelia carteri (frankincense) essential oil, matricaria chamomilla (german chamomile) essential oil.

Not suitable for vegans due to the inclusion of honey. Oasis Beauty is cruelty free.

Free of parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, sulphates and nano-particles.

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